Dock Lights


Large Selection of Dock Lights

Lights minimize freight damage while expediting loading and unloading operations. Provides uniform visibility inside trailers or around dock areas. All Dock Loading Lights are UL listed.

Incandescent Lights, series LL and AALL, offer good color, low replacement cost and turn on instantly even in cold environments. It utilizes a 90 watt bulb, model PAR-38, sold separately. Adjustable arm knuckle joint allows vertical and horizontal positioning.

Halogen Incandescent Lights, model HLGN-40, typically provides more lumens/watt, better energy efficiency, has a longer service life and experiences less light depreciation over its lifetime. It is supplied with a 500 watt bulb. Light turns on instantly.

High Pressure Sodium Lights, series LLS offers much higher lumens/watt output and a very long lamp life. Its illumination color rendition (yellowish) is not as desirable as an incandescent. It typically requires several minutes to turn on, and even longer if in a cold environment. Low operating cost. Units are supplied with a 50 watt bulb.

Ryton Composite Docklights, series LL-RY and LLF-RY, stay cool to the touch even with a 500 watt incandescent light. Available in a standard incandescent lamp head and a fluorescent lamp head. Fluorescent units include a bulb and head.

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