Modular Buildings

Mezzanine with offices underneath

Industrial mezzanine with offices underneath

Multi-level shelving systems with catwalks are ideal for increasing the capacity of shelf storage installations. In most cases, the catwalk supports can be fastened to shelving or rack uprights, eliminating the need for free standing columns.

When necessary, additional structural columns are used to support the mezzanine framing members.

Deck over shelving supported mezzanine structures combine the features of both the Free Standing and multi-level styles. Like multi-level shelving, deck supports can be installed onto existing shelving uprights. As with Free Standing Mezzanines, the upper level is free for storage, assembly activities, office space or other applications.

Let our experienced engineering staff design a shelving system to fit your specific needs and budget. To assure you of the utmost structural integrity and safety, all designs are performed under the direct supervision of a Professional Engineer. Our designs comply with AISC and AISI specifications as well as applicable building codes.
Republic Deck over Shelving - Sketch

Deck Options

Steel Bar Grating
Steel Bar Grating- 1” x 1/8” steel bar grating offers an 82% open area allowing light and ventilation to penetrate. Frequently, the need for a lower level sprinkler is eliminated.
Roof deck with plywood floor provides a smooth surface on which to walk or roll carts. Roof deck is 1 1/2” deep, 20 gauge steel (18 ga. is optional); plywood floor covering is 3/4” thick. Polyethylene coated plywood, resin floors and fire retardant plywood products are available.

Republic Roof deck over shelving
Roof Deck/Steel Floor – easy to clean, this is a natural choice for pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical plants as well as other applications that involve frequent clean up. 12 gauge steel floor plate is available with diamond texture or smooth finish. Field poured concrete and plank grating decks are also available.