Wheel Chocks

Molded Rubber Wheel Chocks for Trucks and Trailers

extruded rubber wheel chocks

Wheel chocks are used to increase safety and prevent a truck or trailer from rolling out of a stationary position during loading and unloading freight. Simply place the wheel chocks behind or in front of your tire when loading and unloading or when your truck or trailer is parked.

These molded rubber wheel chocks are shaped to resist skidding on the ground while blocking the rotation of the tires on the vehicle. Properly placed, it will do its job for years.

Wheel chocks or other mechanical locking mechanisms are required by OSHA for trucks and trailers that are being entered by personnel with both powered and non powered equipment – OSHA 1910.178k Standards.

Laminated Rubber Wheel Chocks

Laminated rubber wheel chock

  • A popular chock – thanks to functional design and durability.
  • Cord reinforced rubber provides a sure grip on concrete or paved surfaces.
  • Curved surface snugly fits tires.
  • Measures 8″ W x 8″ H x 8″ D.
  • Meets OSHA requirements.

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