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We carry high quality Presto lifting equipment:

  • Table Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Stackers

Presto Table Lifts, Scissor Lifts and Stackers

Lift Stik Series Lifter/Transporter

Presto Lift Stik Series Lifter/Transporter


  • Capacities from 185 – 450 lbs.
  • Continued lifting chain provides two vertical travel speeds.
  • Smooth starts and stops.
  • Precise load positioning with zero drift.
  • No risk of hydraulic fluid leaks, so may be used in light industrial, laboratory and even office applications, as well as stock rooms, test and measurement stations, office supply rooms, electronic assembly areas and computer and server rooms.
  • Loads are centrally and evenly distributed over all 4 wheels for maximum stability.
  • Control unit can be easily reached without removing hands from steering handle, which is detachable and can be used remotely.
  • Two-speed function both up and down.
  • Battery charger status indicator easily visible.
  • Ball bearing wheels roll easily on all surfaces.
  • Equipped with toeguards.
  • Mast and the motor cover are sealed.
  • Mechanical overload protection.
  • All models come with standard platform; forks are available.

Manual Stackers

Foot-Operated Stackers

Presto Foot-Operated Stackers


  • 1000 lb. capacity at 15″ and 18″ load centers.
  • Lifting heights – 50″ through 78″
  • Slip on platforms available.
  • 1″ thick x 3″ wide adjustable solid steel forks.
  • Forks adjust from 6 1/2″ to 26 1/2″ O.D.
  • 12″ high fork backs on non-straddle.
  • 14″ high fork backs on straddle models.
  • Foot-operated pump with tip toe release.
  • Lift rise approximately 1 1/8″ per stroke.
  • Perforated metal screen.
  • Foot-operated floor lock.
  • Leaf type chain with 8250 lbs. yield point.
  • High impact floor saving phenotic wheels.

Battery Operated Stackers

Presto Battery Operated Stackers

With convenient powered lift, these stackers are ideal for a wide range of light to medium duty uses.  Shown here with optional slip-on platform.


  • Capacities up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Lifting Heights from 52″ – 78″
  • Fork or Platform designs
  • Adjustable fork widths (I.D.)
  • Quick connect battery (no tools required)
  • Custom micro processor charger
  • High visibility battery discharge indicator
  • Perforated metal safety screen
  • 5″ per second lifting speed
  • Foot operated floor lock
  • Leaf type chain with 8,250 lbs. yield point
  • High impact phenolic wheels
  • Available in fork over & straddle styles

Adjustable 25″ forks (non-straddle) – 15″ load center.

Counterweight Stackers

Presto Counterweight Stackers

Choose from 25″ adjustable forks and 13″ load center or 30″ adjustable forks and 15″ load center, handling loads from 200 lbs to 1,000 lbs.

For applications where straddle legs won’t work, such as racks with bottom bars or loading/unloading trucks, Presto Counterweight Stackers and PowerStak Counterweight Stackers are the ideal solution. A unique “stacking ballast” design can be configured for capacities as low as 200 lbs. and up to 1,000 lbs.

Straddle Stackers

Presto Straddle Stacker

Presto  Straddle Stackers are the perfect solution for medium duty pallet handling. They are available in capacities up to 2,000 lbs. with lift heights up to 127″.


  • 20″ load centers
  • Solid steel, adjustable width forks
  • Fixed or telescoping mast
  • Tighter turning radius than conventional fork lifts
  • Hand operated floor lock
  • Flow control valve for smooth lowering
  • 5″ per second lifting speed
  • Heavy-duty battery and built-in charger
  • High impact phenolic load wheels

Pallet Stackers

Presto Pallet Stackers

Presto Pallet Stackers are ideal for servicing pallet racks. They are more economical and easier to use than conventional fork lifts.  With over 40 models to choose from and a wide variety of available options, there’s sure to be a Presto Pallet Stacker to meet your needs.


  • 1,500 and 2,700 pound capacities
  • 24″ load centers
  • Fixed or adjustable straddle base
  • Solid steel, adjustable width forks
  • Fixed or telescoping mast
  • Dual leaf type chains with 8,250 lbs. yield point
  • Tighter turning radius than conventional fork lifts
  • Hand operated floor lock
  • Flow control valve for smooth lowering
  • Heavy-duty battery and built-in charger
  • High impact phenolic load wheels

A/C Electric Stackers

Presto A/C Electric Stackers

This rugged electric lift is ideal for congested and compat work areas. Perfect for all types of lifting or positioning work. Built to withstand the daily rigors of lifting heavy loads.


  • 1000 lb capacity
  • 18″ load centers
  • Lifting heights – 52″ through 130″
  • Fixed and telescopic masts
  • Stationary and portable units
  • Standard 1 HP 115/1/60 motor
  • 1″ thick x 3″ wide x 30″ long adjustable solid steel forks
  • 12″ high fork backs
  • Optional motors available
  • Optional slip-on 32″ x 30″ platform
  • Custom platforms
  • Leaf-type chains with 8250 lb yield point
  • 1500 lb and 2000 lb capacities available
  • Standard remote control with coil cord
  • Coil cord (4′ retracted, 20′ extended)
  • Heavy-duty floor lock

Scissor Lifts


Scissor Lifts

With 2,000, 4,000 and 6,000 lbs. capacities and a variety of platform sizes, these rugged, dependable scissor lifts are perfect for just about any work positioning or assembly application.


  • Choose 24″, 36″, or 48″ vertical travel
  • Hand control pendant (foot control option available)
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders with chrome plated rams
  • Polyurethane seals on cylinders
  • Rugged 3/4″ steel plate scissor legs
  • Lifetime lubricated bearing on all rollers and pivot points
  • Hinged platform for convenient cylinder access
  • Supersized 48″ x 96″ platforms available on standard lifts

Light-Duty Scissor Lifts

Light-duty scissor lift

For lifting and positioning of lighter loads, Presto Light-Duty scissor lifts are the answer. They come in a variety of configurations to suit just about any need.

Portable Manual Scissor Lifts

Ideal for transporting loads to and from work cells, where they can be used as work platforms or raised and lowered to facilitate load transfer to tables or benches. Choose from Manual (foot pump) or Electric (pushbutton) configurations.


  • Capacities from 300 – 1,500 lbs.
  • Lifting heights up to 45 1/2″
  • Convenient foot pump for easy lifting
  • Adjustable speed lowering via hand release
  • 1/2″ steel plate scissor legs
  • Lifetime lubricated bearings
  • 2 fixed and 2 swivel casters for manueverability
  • Oversized/custom platforms available
  • Hinged platform for convenient cylinder access
  • Foot operated floor lock

Hydraulic Tables, Winches and More

We also carry a great variety of powered lifts and lifting equipment.

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